About us?

Customer experience is a journey, with every step being of equal importance. It’s all too easy to focus on creating one or two magical moments for your customers while overlooking the totality of your offer. In reality, the experience you offer your customers is only as strong as its weakest component…



At MDH, we take a 360° approach to designing the best possible customer journey. To achieve this, we are a team of researchers and brand strategists, graphic designers, web and app developers, interior designers, architects, retail and UX consultants,  product designers and marketing strategists.

It’s all about defining the brands essence, then communicating through dynamic mediums to leave a lasting impression on the consumers we wish to attract. It’s simply about focusing on your brand’s strongest attributes and complimenting them in such a way it that they stand out, even against the fiercest competitors.

What we offer?


Brand Strategy & Identity
Alternative Marketing
Graphic Design for print & broadcast
Interactive Design

Communications Design
Mobile App Development
Motion Graphics & Video
Clothing Design(Commercial & Tailored)

Our product delivery scope include:

Brand Identity Programs
Packaging + Structure
Campaigns + Posters
Retail Identities + Environments
Promotions + Point-of-Sale
Corporate + Product Brochures

Annual Reports + Investor Communications
Print Communications
Publication Design
Broadcast + Motion Graphics
Digital Branding + Interactive
Brand Standards
Naming + Verbal Branding